The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Las Vegas, is always a wealth of fascinating news and developments, from triple screen laptops to ‘smart’ high heels! We’ve seen TVs thinner than ever before, with LG’s new model being barely thicker than paper.

Laptop wise, two models stole the show. Razer unveiled a prototype three screened model and Acer with their $8,999 monster; the Predator 21X. Gaming laptop sales are on the increase, as well as gaming PC’s, and Acer have gone all guns blazing on this one! It is, to be fair, an ugly beast. Weighing in at 17.6lb’s and posting two GTX1080 X graphics cards powering a 21inch screen, as well as a 7th generation i7 processor. It also has support for up to 64GB RAM and four 512GB SSD drives. It is unlikely that anyone will be willing to spend what, in laptop terms, is a fortune, but Acer have done this to prove what is possible.

In Apple-land, there was news about adaptors. May sound boring, but since Apple dumped the peripheral connections from their new MacBook Pro’s, people have been buying them in droves. From CES, OWC announced a slightly different take on the theme. Interesting, but not sure the added bulk will take off.

Overall, CES shows that creative minds are still pumping out the goodies. Whether its silver cellphone blocking smart underwear, or strange misguided brushes with Wi-Fi, the tech world keeps on surprising me with it’s ingenuity.



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