The MEN (Manchester Evening News) has published an article today warning that people ‘who share copyrighted material’ are about to receive a letter from their ISP (Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Sky and BT currently).

The letter reads: “Get it Right is a government-backed campaign acting for copyright owners who think their content’s been shared without their permission.

“It looks like someone has been using your broadband to share copyrighted material (that means things like music, films, sport or books).

“And as your broadband provider, we have to let you know when this happens”

The letter basically outlines where to go to stream content legally, rather than whether any specific action will be taken by your ISP. It isn’t clear that if you ignore this letter, and further letters, that you will, or won’t have criminal action taken against you.

This news comes on the back of a potentially landmark case involving Teesside trader Brian Thompson, relating to the sale of Android or Kodi boxes which are mainly used for streaming TV and films illegally.

With a pre-hearing in January and a two to three-day trial pencilled in for May, Brian has vowed to fight his corner. Should he loose however, it could spark the end of Android and/or Kodi boxes.


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