In today’s world, your data is worth more than gold to companies large and small. It is also of high value to the more unscrupulous persons of the world. While Facebook pushes you to add more and more personal data, most people are unaware of how Facebook uses that data. In this blog, we will outline seven things you should remove from your Facebook profile.

1. Your phone number


If your Facebook profile isn’t set to be private (and it should be), and you’ve added your phone number, then your number can be ‘skimmed’ by the aforementioned unscrupulous members of society to be sold on to cold callers, among others. There really is no need to have your number listed on your profile, and is akin to shouting it from the rooftops, given the number of users Facebook has (1.79 billion)!

2. Remove those ‘funny’ drunk photos

Even though it seemed like a great idea at the time (like most things when you’ve had one too many!), drunken pictures are not only embarrassing, but can affect your career. Social media checks are now standard for would-be employers, and seeing you with your head in a bucket, does not give a good impression.

3. Your date of birth

Along with your phone number and address, your date of birth is something that identifies you personally on the internet. Using your date of birth, identity thieves can impersonate you to do no good. Surely not having your identity compromised is more important than your Facebook ‘friends’ knowing when to copy and paste their generic birthday wishes, right?

4. Your location

Adding your address is pointless. All you’re doing is giving away where you live and, as we’ve already seen, that’s just one of the bits needed to give away your identity.

Along with the above, there are plenty of other places you shouldn’t be tagging yourself either. Dropping the kids off at school, for example. It’s not the best idea to let everyone know where your kids go to school.

5. Your holiday snaps

It’s very tempting to share pictures of your tan when you’re away in an attempt to make your friends stuck in the cold and rain, jealous. We’ve all done it (me included!), but it is smart to wait until you some home. Unless, that is, you want the 756 ‘friends’ (how many do you really know) to know when your house is empty!

6. Your boss

Managed to get that job you’re after? Maybe even your dream job? Well, adding them on Facebook, especially if our advice on drunk photos hasn’t been heeded, is not advisable. There have been multiple instances of Facebook users losing their jobs for views and opinions they have expressed. Plus, when your friends tag you in photos of that day out at the beach when you called in sick, you’re going to get rumbled. It’s a no brainer really.

7. Being tagged in inappropriate posts

We’ve all got that one friend. The one who still thinks it’s hilarious to tag you in questionable memes and straight up inappropriate images. Well, there’s a solution to this problem. It’s called ‘Timeline Review’ and can be enabled by going to: Settings > Timeline and Tagging > Who can add things to my timeline and switch the ‘review posts’ option to ‘on’. This way you’ll get a notification to approve posts your tagged in. Yes, it’s a bit more hassle for the majority of posts your tagged in, but it can be useful for the ones that are not so innocent.



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