If you’re anything like me, being organised is paramount to having an efficient life. For many years, people have been making to-do lists on scraps of paper, or notebooks. But, as society is becoming more and more ‘paperless’, is it a good idea to move those scraps of paper to our phones and computers? Plus, is it a better option than the traditional way of things? In this blog entry, we’ll be taking a look at the to-do list apps available.

First, there is a distinction to be made. To-do list apps are generally simplistic, and easy to use.

There are many apps that fit into this niche. But the standout app for me is Wunderlist. Not only is it clear and simplistic, it’s multi-platformed. In my opinion, it is important to have the ability to use the same app on all my devices. I have used the app for a number of years, and use it to organise my work and personal lives. Wunderlist also has the feature of calendar integration, which is fantastically useful. I use it in conjunction with the alerts, allowing me to distinguish between regular events that don’t require an alert, but still need a gentle reminder, and more urgent tasks (urgent phone calls etc) where I need a more obvious push.

Added into the basic functions of list making, you can also create folders. I have folders for work, personal, home and car related topics. Plus natural language support is included, meaning you can write ‘ Call Paul 29/01’ and it will create an entry for the 29th January, both in your calendar (if you’ve configured it), and an alert on your device.

Grab it on the App Store or Play Store!


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