Aaaand we’re back! No prizes for guessing the topic of our latest blog entry! The NHS has been targeted by a piece of ‘Ransomware’ known as WannaCry. The centrepiece of this attack is the encryption of all their data. The actual virus is fairly easy to remove, but the damage is done by way of encrypting any data on an infected machine with an encryption key held only by the designers of the ransomware. A ransom is then sought for the encrypted data. Microsoft Windows operating systems are currently only affected, but it is worth keeping all operating systems updated. Modern Windows operating systems are protected by way of security updates. Windows XP, which most, if not all, of the NHS runs on, is no longer supported by Microsoft. Therefore, if you are running Windows XP, you are putting yourself at risk, and we advise that you upgrade your computer to a later operating system as soon as possible


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