Microsoft shows off new Windows 10

Tech giant Microsoft has released screenshots of the upcoming updates to the user interface (UI) of Windows 10, to be released later this year.

Windows Central reported that Microsoft have released the images of ‘Project NEON’ during a developer stream earlier today.

Many of the screenshots seem to be inline with the sneak preview released last month, and show fairly minor tweaks to the look and feel of the OS. However, there is a stronger emphasis on animations and blurring elements within apps. In addition, NEON will focus on 3D features.

More updates are expected in May this year, when Microsoft hosts the ‘Build’ developer conference.


What we’ve learned from CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Las Vegas, is always a wealth of fascinating news and developments, from triple screen laptops to ‘smart’ high heels! We’ve seen TVs thinner than ever before, with LG’s new model being barely thicker than paper.

Laptop wise, two models stole the show. Razer unveiled a prototype three screened model and Acer with their $8,999 monster; the Predator 21X. Gaming laptop sales are on the increase, as well as gaming PC’s, and Acer have gone all guns blazing on this one! It is, to be fair, an ugly beast. Weighing in at 17.6lb’s and posting two GTX1080 X graphics cards powering a 21inch screen, as well as a 7th generation i7 processor. It also has support for up to 64GB RAM and four 512GB SSD drives. It is unlikely that anyone will be willing to spend what, in laptop terms, is a fortune, but Acer have done this to prove what is possible.

In Apple-land, there was news about adaptors. May sound boring, but since Apple dumped the peripheral connections from their new MacBook Pro’s, people have been buying them in droves. From CES, OWC announced a slightly different take on the theme. Interesting, but not sure the added bulk will take off.

Overall, CES shows that creative minds are still pumping out the goodies. Whether its silver cellphone blocking smart underwear, or strange misguided brushes with Wi-Fi, the tech world keeps on surprising me with it’s ingenuity.


Autofill Vulnerability

Today brought news of another danger to our online security. Finnish web developer and hacker Viljami Kuosmanen discovered that several web browsers, including Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Opera, as well as some plugins and utilities such as LastPass, can be fooled into giving away your personal information through their autofill systems.

Many people around the world use the autofill feature of the browsers mentioned above. While it is a handy convenience, the risk of giving away your data must surely outweigh the time taken to fill in your email, or postal address.

Users of Mozilla’s Firefox browser are safe, as the program doesn’t offer an autofill feature.

We are advising users to disable the autofill feature on the browsers we have outlined, until a fix is released.

First Post & Windows 10 UI

Welcome to the new Bridge Computers blog! We had one a few years ago, and for one reason or another, we closed it. But, we’re back!

We start today’s blog with a note about Windows 10. Microsoft are releasing an update to their new operating system, with a tweak to the UI. Nothing major, but it seems that the ‘Aero’ theme of Windows 7 is making a comeback. Known as ‘Project NEON’, MS is not only bringing the translucent effect back, they’re also introducing new animations as well, akin to what we saw in Windows8: